Arcadi Pla i Masmiquel

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Began work as an architect in the city of Girona in 1969.
His professional career has alternated between works of considerable scale and significance and other more conventional, smaller-scale projects, though all characterised by ongoing, day-to-day attention, whatever the nature and size of the project commissioned.
His basic professional objective is to find responses to the problems posed by each project commissioned of him, through painstaking planning, high-quality definition of projects, most appropriate constructional approach and control over execution and budget, all of this oriented at well-made products.
Of particular note is his concern for the heritage of buildings and the urban and landscape setting, and a particular approach to projects involving the restoration of monuments.
Arcadi Pla i Masmiquel combines this day-to-day professional work, based around his Girona studio, with a long dedication to teaching the project-based modules at Barcelona’s architecture schools (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the La Salle school).
He is currently engaged in building restoration and refurbishment projects, in public works and, above all, in building dwellings.

Mare de Deu de Loreto 20, baixos 17003 Girona, Catalunya, Spain
tel. 972 20 95 03  |  legal warning